Pleasure In Aruba Escort Prices and Services

Our rates are a reflection of our excellent service and spectacular escorts. Below is our price list for the most popular services we offer. All prices include the selection of one of our escort girls for one hour with standard service and her delivery. A discount is possible for more hours. Fees are to be paid in advance. Our escorts accept cash only.

Please Note: When ordering multiple hours or multiple girls we offer a number of discounts. For any questions, please contact us at (+297) 565-9535. Our escort agency is standing by for your call.

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Escort Girls
Duration: 1 Hour


Duration: 2 Hour


Duration: 4 Hour


Duration: 8 Hour


12 hours: (Half Day)


24 hours: (Full Day)


Duration: 48 hours


60 hours: (Weekend Stay)


Full night:


Party Boat Trip:


Stripper Show
Private show package

Duration: 15 -17 minutes


Duration: 1 Hour


Duration: 2 Hour


Lesbian or gay
Duration: 1 Hour


Duration: 2 Hour